Why do you live in Mexico?

There is one question I consistently get asked by friends and family from the USA and Canada, “Why do you live in Mexico?” The short answers are typically led with great opportunity, quality of life and work-to-life balance.  The longer conversations lead to comments on Mexico’s surging economy, popularity in tourism and new developments.

That said, I am always puzzled by the lack of information people have on Mexico and the lifestyle available living abroad.  I am even more surprised by the number of people who don’t have passports and have never left the USA or Canada.  Personally, moving to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2006 was the best decision I have ever made.  I was fortunate enough to meet my wife, raise a family and experience a 12-year career in something I consider to be a huge part of life: TRAVEL.  I worked in the travel industry for 12 years before pursuing my own business venture.  I started as an OPC (Outside Public Contact) inviting travelers to take a tour at Velas Vallarta, moved through the ranks of sales and developer representative at The Villa Group and most recently, held the position of Lead Recruiter for Vida Vacations (aVidanta Company) the last three years of my career in luxury travel.

When I moved to



Puerto Vallarta in 2006, I had no intentions of being here more than 6 months.  My primary goal was to learn Spanish.  My secondary goal was to make enough money while I learned Spanish.  In 2006, there were only a handful of jobs available in Puerto Vallarta that could earn enough income competitive with the USA or Canada.  I could start my own business, sell real estate or work in resort sales, otherwise known as timeshare sales.  The first two options seemed unrealistic at the time as both required at least six months of funding to get started.  I chose resort sales.  I was fortunate enough to find various roles for myself, earn a good income and take advantage of all the enormous travel benefits that go along with a career in timeshare sales.  I met people from around the world and enjoyed a work-to-life balance second to none.

Since starting my own recruiting business, I discover more and more career opportunities in Puerto Vallarta each week. Luxury travel companies are expanding their forces, bilingual call centers are sprouting up throughout the city and Mexican businesses are searching for bilingual professionals to satisfy Mexican, American and Canadian clients. 

Economically, Mexico as a whole is booming.  According to CNNMoney, tourism spending in Mexico reached $20.1 Billion in 2016 and became the 8th most visited country in the world.  2017 saw the most number of visitors in recorded history with 37.5 million travelers (INEGI). Beach destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, and Cancun are seeing the largest growth and continue to draw attention from investors around the globe.  Developments ranging from luxury hotels to first-of-its-kind theme parks are in concept stages. Locally, the area known as Riviera Nayarit, will feature 10 new developments within the next 5 years.  Some of these developments include a mind-blowing 1.8 billion dollar real estate investment called Costa Canuva, the construction of the largest aquarium in Latin America and a theme park created by Cirque du Soleil.

In sum, career opportunities are expanding in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico as a whole. The number of opportunities will only increase as professionals continue to work remotely, as baby boomers move South for affordable health care and global companies continue to invest in Mexico. 

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