What Every Entrepreneur Should Be Doing During This Pandemic

By Josh N. Garcia
6 min read

I know.  Everybody has an opinion about what to do during the Corona Virus outbreak.  Honestly, I’ve read and listened to some valuable advice.  I’ve also fallen victim to watered down self-promoting garbage.  The truth is, this situation is new to everybody and everyone will use this time differently.  Some will choose to binge watch their favorite show on Netflix, others will hunker down and use this time for self-improvement or to reposition their business as landscapes change and business climates require new services.  This is my version of what every entrepreneur should be doing during this unique situation.

Creating Content and Growing Social Media – This is a great time to dedicate your time to writing blogs, creating video content and spending time growing your audience.  Every entrepreneur’s situation is different, but for the vast majority of business owners, sales will be slow, leads will be scarce and there will be little-to-no movement on many small business fronts.  Use this time to write a series of blogs/vlogs for your website and circulate on social media.  I know each time I write a new blog my website jumps 3 to 4 spots in Google rankings just by adding new content.  Don’t be afraid to grow your social media during this time either. There are simple tools through many applications that allow you to grow your social media organically, without spending money.  For instance, everyone knows about inviting new followers through Facebook, but did you know Instagram has a feature within its settings that allows you to invite new followers through What’s app.  Try it.  If you go into settings, click on ‘Follow and Invite Friends’.  It will take you to a pop-up screen that shows multiple ways of inviting new followers including What’s app, SMS or email. 

Update Your Website or Reposition Your BusinessIts going to be slow for 4-6 weeks.  Use this time to make all the changes you’ve been putting off for several months because you were too busy following up with orders, resolving issues with clients or developing new business.  Locally, business in Puerto Vallarta is going to be slow for the foreseeable future and many local businesses have put a hold on hiring for a couple of months.  I’m in the process of retargeting my site to American and Canadian businesses who may be searching for talented professionals, at a fraction of the salary.  Living in a tourist centric city, the job market provides access to completely bilingual (English/Spanish) professionals who are looking for work.  American and Canadian businesses are looking for ways to cut costs and find strong talent at a fraction of the price.  This provides me with the opportunity to rewrite my website and cater to more American or Canadian owned business who may need support in customer service, sales, programming or any other plethora of jobs that can be handled remotely.  I’m still recruiting and providing people jobs.  I’m just expanding my market.

Educate Yourself/Watch Youtube Videos – If you haven’t already been exposed to online learning, this latest pandemic will accelerate your experience.  Kids of all ages are learning completely online and parents are quickly learning how to manage a household while answering their child’s homework questions every 7 minutes.  There is so much available content online these days.  Much of it is completely free.  Personally, in addition to completing my MBA, I’m learning about Facebook Pixels and learning how retargeting improves your chances of making a sale or capturing that ever escaping new prospect.  In case you’re interested, you can see this short 12 minute video here I learned a lot about how I’ve been missing new clients for the last year and a half.  Whether you need to learn about Facebook Pixels or understand the importance of SEO, get out there and learn.

Join An Online Business Group or Create One – Since we are all self-quarantining and isolating ourselves from the physical World, now’s the time to lock into an online community with like minded individuals who can offer real life discussions on improving your business.  Two communities I get a lot of great information from are Facebook Ad Buyers and ProBloggers on Facebook as well  Each of these forums are super resourceful and can help drive more interest to your site and social media channels.  If you don’t find these communities interesting, create your own online community or host a mastermind with other business leaders in your market.  In the state of today’s pandemic, everyone is now familiar with Zoom and other video conferencing platforms that make forming a live online community easy to manage.  With social distancing in place you can still communicate with like minded professionals who can help take your business to the next level.

Learn What Fiverr and Upwork Can Do For You – You may have already heard of both of these free-lance sites designed for lean entrepreneurs, but there is a World of talented people ready to help you succeed on a discretionary budget.  As entrepreneurs, we are often bogged down with day to day activities so much we let things fall by the wayside.  We neglect important elements of our businesses’ success.  Fiverr and Upwork are applications available for you to outsource important parts of this business, while you focus on developing new business or trouble shooting a client issue.  I’ve seen attorneys use Upwork to have customer service reps contact possible leads for their next case.  I’ve seen start up businesses get their entire logo and brand going for as little as $150 usd.  If there is ever a need for you to delegate some of the smaller projects that consume your attention, don’t hesitate to download one of these apps and utilize this enormous resource These are just a few thoughts I had on some tangible tools available to entrepreneurs around the globe.  With the exception of Fiverr and Upwork, each of these items are completely free and available to anyone. 

In conclusion, if you get one piece of new information from this article, it will have been worth the short time I spent putting it together.  As an entrepreneur, do you have any simple, inexpensive tools or advice you want to share?  Please leave your comments below or feel free to email me at

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