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What companies benefit from B2B telemarketing?

By America Guzman

Maybe you’re familiar with the term “Appointment Setting”, but you have never really thought of how much this could revolutionize your company and increase your numbers.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re currently working at, what all of them have in common is the need for lead generation. Below you will find our list of industries most in need of B2B telemarketing.

This industry definitely gets along with appointment setting. You can either book an appointment over the phone or do a live transfer. You could have your sales agents calling random people expecting them to convert them into customers, but it would honestly be a waste of time and resources. By hiring appointment setters you’ll filter out people who wouldn’t be a good fit for your company and vice versa. On average, a great appointment setter will get at least 1 appointment an hour, so just do the math.

There’s always something that could be improved at home, specially when having kids, right? Broken tiles/windows, a roof that needs to be replaced, walls that could use some painting. I could spend the day naming things that we know could look a lot better. But due to idleness or husband making promises on fixing it but never having the time to do it, your house is starting too look a little sloppy.
Most people don’t know where to start looking for a contractor, or maybe they haven’t even notice those little details, so that’s exactly where appointment setters come and save the day.
An appointment setter calls and gives an idea of the things that we usually miss, but are in need of a renovation. Their goal is simple, offering and having the customer agreed to an in person visit from a qualified rep, so they can see the house for themselves and provide the lead with a free quote.

You might be wondering the connection between appointment setting services and real estate agencies. But there’s not one but two situations were appointment setters can help improve your business.
Appointment setting is used in both B2C (Business-to-Costumer) sales activities as well as B2B (Business-to-Business).
When talking about B2C, appointment setting is the final stage prior to a sale. This will definitely make your lead generation process a lot easier. Real estate appointment setters initiate cold calls with targeted sales prospects, collect any additional information needed to get them pre-qualified and set an appointment with your sales team so they can present their project proposals. So long story short, in B2C, an agent visits a homeowner directly to discuss the sale, while in B2B they visit a commercial property to present a proposal by an investment group.


You may think that hiring is not an issue. Specially now, with millions of people losing their jobs due to the pandemic, finding someone interested in getting a new job should be easy. But as a growing business, you can’t afford to hire people with no experience on the field. You need qualified agents who know exactly what they’re doing.

Appointment setters will get your leads to agree to a phone call or interview with your hiring agents. They will call on behalf of your company and provide them with a little information on what you do and the benefits of working for you.

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