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Ventes Mexico Rated # 1 Top Recruiting Companies in Mexico

Ventes Mexico Rated # 1 Top Recruiting Companies in Mexico

Based on a ranking of Top B2B service-providers 

February 17, 2022

Ventes Mexico LLC has recently been ranked #1 on a list of Top Recruiting Companies in Mexico.  Ventes, a remote staffing company, who specializes in the recruitment of professionals throughout Latin America have topped the list for the 1st time.  With clients in the USA, Canada and now Germany, Ventes was ecstatic to receive the news.  Last month, the company rose to the top of the rankings listed on the The Manifest webpage.  


The Manifest is an independent blog dedicated to ranking top-performing B2B service providers.  Its rankings change from time to time, but the reviews its rankings are based on are highly scrutinized and thorough – sometimes involving 15-minute phone interviews with clients of these top rated firms.  The review process is highly transparent and includes four different categories including scheduling, quality, cost and willingness to refer to another company.  


The Manifest website provides reviews and rankings for a wide range of industries including digital marketing, web development, IT services, Human Resources around the world.


After learning of the recent top ranking of Top Recruiting Companies in Mexico, the company founder, Josh Garcia, held a quick video call with his team to announce its recent accomplishment.  “I’m happy to announce we’ve been named the Top Recruiting Company in Mexico! We’ve worked hard to give our clients access to top professionals throughout Latin America and it’s certainly paying off.  Thank you for all your hard work,” Josh commented.  


As a boutique-sized recruiting firm with offices in the USA and Mexico, Ventes provides outsourced recruiting services for companies around the globe.  The company specializes in remote staffing within Mexico and throughout Latin America. Some of the more common roles include software engineers, digital marketing specialists, SDR’s and customer support.  However, the company also provides specialized headhunting services for a variety of industries.  Some of their recent work features placing a Director of Central America for a German company and Senior SDR position for Vancouver-based software Canadian company.


Ventes was founded in 2018, but has seen year over year growth since its inception.  With the rising popularity in remote staffing and international remote teams, Ventes has been able to position itself as a leader in the field.  


For more information about Ventes Mexico LLC and their services, please contact Josh Garcia at +1 512-991-3857.


For a look at the recent # 1 ranking on The Manifest webpage please visit



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