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Software Engineers are in High Demand: Remote Hire in LatAm!

Software Engineers are in High Demand: Remote Hire in Latin America!

Save with Remote Staffing!


By: Rafael Reyes



Software engineers are an important part of almost every industry or business but they are a scarce commodity, so they have become pricey, and because of this recruiting them has become more challenging. Continue reading to find out how much you can save if you choose to remote hire developers in Latin America and take a look at 4 Things You Should Know When Hiring Developers in Latin America.






A worldwide pandemic and shaky economies have affected the tech hiring market.  Engineers and developers are much needed internationally and as technology continues to advance and as programming tools become more complex, demand is only expected to rise. In 2022 it rose 17% and according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in software development are expected to increase by 25% between 2021 and 2031.



The labor market is competitive and the US and Canada are in the top ten paying countries for software engineers. With The average salary in the US being $110,140 USD per year and some tech firms paying as high as $150,000 USD there are definitely still savings to be had in Latin America.  There’s a reason global hiring by tech companies in Latin America increased by 286% 







LatAm is far cheaper than the US and Europe and this may give you the impression that you are paying for less quality but that’s not the case. Engineers are equipped with everything needed to complete today’s demands in development. And English proficiency is high in these countries so in some cases there is no difference between them and North American Talent, Read more about Why Companies are Choosing to Hire in LatAm



The median annual salary in Latin America is 84,000 USD. Salaries in Latin America can depend on the exact location and experience level of the candidate, Brazil being the lowest-paying country with an average of $11,337 per year but lacks some of the benefits of hiring in Mexico. We can help you figure out which country is best for you depending on the objective you are trying to meet as a business.



LatAm countries offer highly educated and skilled tech talent this is due to the growth and support of the industry. Tech giants have launched educational programs that aid Latin American prospects to develop their skills in the IT field. So you can rest assured you can have a highly productive remote team when hiring from Latin America.







In order to successfully build a remote staff you need to do your research about Latin America, and there is a lot you need to know. As mentioned previously salary will vary throughout Latin America depending on multiple variables, on top of that each country has its own nuances in its labor laws and if you want to avoid fines for misclassifying workers you will want to know these things.



Once you do your due diligence when it comes to research you can start posting on LatAm Job Boards, source candidates, and start the hiring process. But that’s easier said than done.



Your best bet is to trust in the services of a professional recruiter or agency, they’re equipped with the knowledge to recruit top talent. A team like ours here at Ventes, will save your team the work overload of as we have experience in hiring for tech roles and we will handle the procurement and screening of prospects. Learn more about Headhunters and how to choose the right one.



Quick Tip: Remote hiring is a must in LATAM for attracting top tech candidates 80% of talent want work-from-home jobs. Learn more about How to Remote Hire in Mexico.



This blog was written by the staff at Ventes Mexico LLC Ventes Mexico is a top-rated outsource recruitment firm located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Founded by an American, with 16 years of living in Mexico, Ventes Mexico operates in the USA and Mexico.  The company specialized in remote staffing and headhunting.  Each of its employees is 100% bilingual (English/Spanish).

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