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How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

By Airelle Arellano and Ruben Murillo


There is no denying remote work is here to stay.  One of the biggest skills we’ve all had to learn is delivering our top performance on camera.  Virtually of course.  Virtual interviews can be a huge plus but they can also dictate you moving forward in the hiring process.  Recently, our team got together and shared some great tips on how to succeed in your upcoming virtual interview. 


  • Be Prepared– As silly and common sense as this sounds, showing up to an interview prepared is very important. You should know what position you are applying for and be aware of the requirements for it. Have your prior experience ready to share and be sure to point out specific experience and knowledge that helps prove you are the perfect fit for that job. We do not want to wait minutes for you to remember what your last position consisted of and what your responsibilities were, nor do we need to have a detailed minute-to-minute explanation of what you did daily in your last employment.


  • Check your Tech- To start, it is always preferred to take the call on a laptop or pc. They are usually much more reliable than a mobile device and can avoid issues, to begin with. Make sure that everything is working correctly. Test your audio and video beforehand. Make sure your camera is working and that the angle is the appropriate one. We do not want to see a black screen, and it is very uncomfortable to speak to someone when all we have is a front-row view of nostrils, hairlines, or ear canals. The call is for us to get to know you and a front-facing angle with the appropriate lighting is always the best. And don’t forget to run some tests on your internet speed to make sure it’s stable enough for a video call. 


  • Dress for the Occasion- Even if it is a virtual interview, it is important to show up dressed appropriately. Dress professionally as if you were commuting to an in-person interview. Companies do not want to see you in a T-shirt all laid back. 


    1. Maintain Professionalism – Visual backgrounds that are too personal or informal are discouraged. Interviewers are not meant to be your friends, do not get too comfortable with them and start cussing or talking bad about your previous employer. Take the interview call in a professional setting, not on your bed, or walking the dog.
  • Avoid interruptions- An important thing to do is make sure that you schedule a time when you know that you won’t have any interruptions. It makes a bad impression when you have kids screaming in the background or you have the TV going on loudly.


  1. Be aware of your body language – Because it is at home it is very easy to get a bit too comfortable. Is not that you should be stressed or tense, that’s not the intention at all.  Be confident, sit up straight, and maintain eye contact. Don’t lean back on the chair, get up to get something without saying anything, etc. 



Now that you know this you can succeed in a virtual interview. Make sure to be prepared and you will do just fine! Ventes can help you with more insightful tips on how to succeed in your virtual interview at no cost to you.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at



This blog was written by the staff at Ventes Mexico LLC Ventes Mexico is a top-rated outsource recruitment firm located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Founded by an American, with 16 years of living in Mexico, Ventes Mexico operates in the USA and Mexico.  The company specialized in remote staffing and headhunting.  Each of its employees is 100% bilingual (English/Spanish).

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