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Headhunters in Mexico: How to choose the right one?

May 12, 2022


As COVID numbers drop and the new worldwide workforce evolves, many companies have looked to Mexico and Latin America to recruit remote employees.  After all, salary requirements are less in Latin America and if you’re comfortable hiring remotely, why not choose Mexico.  In addition, businesses from around the World are moving to Mexico for its emerging tech market and increasing english-speaking workforce.


With all this, how do companies recruit the right talent in a new market and learn about all the labor laws that apply in a new country?  Headhunters.  Staffing Agencies.  Recruiters.  Call them what you like, specialty recruiters can be a great resource to identify great talent and inform new clients on the laws that apply in Mexico and Latin America.  How do you know which headhunter to choose?  We’ve provided 5 things to consider when choosing your headhunter in Mexico.


  1. Does Your Headhunter Know Your Industry/Position?  Most recruiters focus on a specific industry or position.  It doesn’t make sense for recruiters to take on every project that comes their way.  Have you heard the saying,”Jack of all trades, master of none?” Most recruiters have a specialty in a specific industry or range of positions they are well-versed in.  


Spend time interviewing potential recruiters.  Ask tough questions like “what are the last 3 positions you placed?” or “have you recruited a Production Manager for a Manufacturing company before”.  Hire a headhunter who knows the industry and who has hired a similar position before.  


  1. Ask For References:  Don’t hesitate to ask for references.  If the recruiter is transparent and confident in their abilities, they’ll have no reservations about sharing references from previous clients.  This is a great tool if you need that extra vote of confidence.  Recruiters should have more than one to measure the reviews of more than one previous client.


  1. Ability to speak English:  Many headhunters in Mexico will be able to speak in English, but it won’t be their first language.  Many headhunters target Spanish-speakers and don’t have a focus on English-speaking professionals. Of course, it will depend on the portfolio of clients each headhunter maintains.  If it’s a firm that focuses on Executive search, chances are they will be English-fluent.  If you’re speaking with a firm who specializes in mid-level positions, English will be less prevalent.


Be sure to hire a recruiting firm who speaks English well enough to ensure your requests won’t be lost in translation.


  1. Avoid upfront fees:  Many recruiting firms and headhunters require upfront fees in Mexico.  If they don’t perform or don’t provide a suitable candidate, they simply offer a credit towards your next hire.  It will vary by firm, but there are often requests for 50% upfront before a firm begins its recruiting efforts.  


Avoid upfront fees.  Hire a company that is results based, success driven.  They’ll work harder for your company and if they don’t perform, they don’t get paid.


  1. Delayed Communication:  It is common to get a delayed response in Mexico and Latin America.  It could be four or five days to get an email or phone response for a recruiting firm.  It goes with the culture of Latin America.  Like many industries in Mexico, the mentality is a little slower moving, which is ok as a lifestyle, but not in a professional environment.  


If you’ve reached out to a headhunter and they haven’t got back to you – move on. Chances are, if you hire them, they will be just as slow to respond with qualified candidates.  It’s in their culture as a company.  Hire a firm that responds within 24 hrs.  Hire a firm that shows they are hungry to earn your business and are eager to deliver quality candidates for your business. 


This blog was written by the staff at Ventes Mexico.  Ventes Mexico is a top-rated outsource recruitment firm located in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  Founded by an American, with 16 years living in Mexico, Ventes Mexico operates in the USA and Mexico.  The company specialized in remote staffing and headhunting.  Each of its employees are 100% bilingual (English/Spanish).

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