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Our firm provides outsource staffing to companies from around the World. Today, Mexico provides fertile ground for bilingual professionals with a wide range of skill sets. Professionals with expertise in telemarketing, customer service and information technology are accessible at a fraction of the cost. At Ventes, we connect your business with high-producing professionals, without jeopardizing quality or performance.

With full-service call center capabilities and reliable performance tracking software, Ventes will ensure your team is exceeding expectations and delivering a superior product.

Whether you are a medium-sized business looking for ways to reduce costs or a multinational company looking for talent in Mexico, we encourage you to contact us today to learn how we can deliver high-performance teams to your business.

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Outsource to Mexico

Our US-owned business offers a customized approach to attracting the right talent. Through online advertising, social media and individual evaluations, our goal is to place skilled professionals with your business.

As a professional outsource staffing company, we recruit bilingual professionals throughout Mexico who can perform at competitive levels, at a fraction of the cost. This allows your business to thrive, while increasing revenues and achieving your business goals.

Our firm provides the following unique services:

icon Collaborate strategic outsourcing goals

icon Build a customized team for your business needs

icon Coordinate training and support to promote business synergy

icon Provide reporting on relevant KPI's and open communication on team progress

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As business professionals, we are always seeking opportunities to reach our goals. Our goal at Ventes is to provide English-speaking professionals with opportunities throughout Mexico. Whether these positions allow you to work from home or require an office environment, Ventes will provide you the opportunities that fit your skill set.

The positions listed on our site were hand selected to attract quality talent like yourself. Whether you're a new arrival to Mexico or Mexican citizen, please don't hesitate to contact us to learn more about our positions. **Prices above are entry level quotes. Please contact us to receive customized quotes for your company.

For our latest jobs offers, please visit our social media channels listed above.

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